Hell Broke Loose

by By Land or Sea

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Formerly Frankie and his Fingers, this is By Land or Sea's debut album.


released April 24, 2010

All songs written by By Land or Sea.

Frank McGinnis: Guitars, Vocals
Samantha Niss: Drums
Adam Stoutenburgh: Bass guitar

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Kevin McMahon at Marcata Studios in Gardiner, NY.



all rights reserved


By Land or Sea Red Hook, New York

Boy, girl, boy. Rock, rock, rock.

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Track Name: No Fizz Outta My Soda
Hey scowl don’t take it personal
Gonna curl your corners, make the glass half full
‘Cause you could eat like a cannibal
Feed on the weak and just let it go
But I see you letting that halo show
What a stubborn little glow

Take it, take it and run it out of town
Keep it, keep it and wear it like a crown
It says, “wish me well ‘cause I’m scared as hell”

The world kinda has a nasty glare
Fixed on dollar signs in empty air
Breeding all our babies to be scared to care
Maybe you could change some of ‘em
Snap ‘em out of feeling deaf and dumb
Scream, “I am the optimist that lives in your atrium”

Don’t budge, don’t budge
You don’t have to pick the ground over the sky
Don’t budge, don’t budge
Dig in your heels and stretch that neck up high
Track Name: The Gimme Gimmes
Hot damn your brand name flash
I swear you look like cash
Your peers kissing your ass
Can’t have no last month duds
Tell dad you hate his guts
He’ll get you any little thing you want
Swallow that silver spoon
Let greed be good for you
Your skin will shine like new

We got you listening this time
Trade in that nickel for a dime
Let all your friends watch it shine

Look real close
I bet you’ll laugh out loud
‘Cause my clothes are trash and hand me downs
You’ll rip me apart if you ever find out
Your care was custom made to mach your heart
With plastic of the finest grade
Your Benz went out of style when the calendar changed

Well this part ain’t hard to understand
They’ll supply if you just demand
Stand up and hold out your hands

You got the gimme gimmes so bad for the latest swag
Hold on like trophies to your designer price tags
You smell like pages out of magazines and it makes me gag
The ground you walk on is not red carpet clad
And I saw my wish list in a thrift store window
Maybe I can get it when I figure out how the hell I’m gonna eat
You pitch a hissy fit when your little pedicure moves slow
And I kiss my lucky stars for the shoes on my feet
Track Name: Frankenstein
Ashes were falling from the boys lips
Set a little fire in his finger tips
Well he picked up his hands and tried to stop this
Picked up a shovel said, “I have to dig”
Calluses were forming on his words now
Who would tell his stories if his voice stopped making sound?
I am an eager heir to his throne of tales
I’ll strain to sing them loud
I opened up my mouth

When you called my name triumphantly
Did you hand down your burning heart to me?

I know you know you don’t deserve this
Give that nurse a speech
Let’s fast forward to the part where it’s a memory, it’s a fable
It’s a lesson we can teach
I hear them inside
They’re feeding when you’re breathing fire
Will it hurt your pride to try?

Call my name triumphantly
Go ‘head and hand down your burning heart to me
You can live through me vicariously
If you just hand down your burning heart to me

“Kick off your shoes ‘cause there’s a party in his blood cells
We can give him the chance to change
Get under and in his leathery skin
We know you’re stubborn but we got you by the throat now
We’re the best curse you’ll ever have
We’re under your skin
We want you to win”

You’re not supposed to die
Stand up and shine
Don’t mind what the doctor said
Laugh at the odds
God will be shaking the hand of your soul when you’re…
Track Name: I Saw You on a Map of Egypt
Greg put a folding chair
Next to the telephone where
He saw me trying so hard
Swear I was gasping for air
Oh god, is that your car?
And should I slow down if you are?
That ain’t your face looking back
My stupid pounding heart

Looks like it won’t be me
Playing on your piano
Looks like it won’t be us
Singing all of the songs we know

So go ‘head and be someone else
While I figure out how to find myself
If you’ve had your fill of the big bad world
Come ring my little doorbell
Oh confidence, you jerk
If you had a face, then you’d have a smirk
I’ve chased you through posture and charm
But those tricks won’t always work

So who’ll keep the white keys warm
And holler along, like they know they’re wrong?
Looks like it won’t be us
We said forever way too much
Forever way too much
Track Name: Wood/Lead
Where’s your script?
You hide it
Don’t be coy
We’re both dolled in lipstick
Got my vices
They got prices
And they bring cheap joy
I’m a hedonistic boy

Let’s draw circles in the sand with out feet
Trace the circumferences and stand where they meet
Tides will change their shape and size on the shore
And we’ll hope they’ll overlap more
Wear a grain of that sand on your head
Like a badge that doesn’t need to be flaunted
Maybe it’ll burrow into your skin
And we’ll stay friends ‘til your skull caves in

Good job you’re a heartthrob now
You dance like you know just how

Don’t you know we’ll always laugh?
And don’t you know we’ll always try?
And don’t you know you’ll dream like hell?
And don’t you know I’ll think to death?
Track Name: Cool With Cars, Bad With Bridges
This is the sound of the biggest mistake I will ever make
It struck its chord when I painted the past up fake
It broke the noise ordinance when you slapped your hand across my face
And my conscience ain’t so proud
That it took this long to get this loud

All of my friends say they wouldn’t have ‘fessed up the truth
They would’ve covered up a lie with a lie and swallowed all the guilt too
So what does it make me, if it was the right thing to do?
I could’ve made a little mess with your head, but that’s how much I love you
‘Cause you were yanking on the ring on your finger like it didn’t mean a thing anymore
Maybe I deserved for you to toss it on my bedroom floor

If actions talk louder than words, intentions are the things you meant to say
‘Cause I got sorry on the tip of my tongue like its ruling my vocabulary
Whoever said “the truth hurts” put a heavy little weight in our hands
‘Cause you don’t really have to be anybody but the things you say
And the things people see
So kiss me goodnight tonight just like it never really happened at all
What a dirty little habit to break ‘cause the tales we tell can get so tall
So kill me quickly ‘cause I’m way too good at feeling way too guilty

So sorry
I forgot to close my eyes when you kissed me
So charming
Play along and cue the song when our lips meet

Kill me quickly ‘cause I’m way too good at feeling way too guilty

Bite your tongue, bite your tongue
Plug your ears, plug your ears
Hold that grudge, hold that grudge
Track Name: The Whole Thing
Lips kiss
They taste a little like a promise
This is the part where it gets dangerous
We search each other for hiding places
Hands give
Here, take my heart like it’s a present
You’ll have no idea what to do with it
The pressure, the power suffocates you bit by bit

Tongues talk
Too much too soon my darling
Legs walk
Best thing for you, I’m sorry
Eyes block pictures I won’t take down
And pulses stop

I let this happen again
Best way to lose a best friend
Track Name: Gameshow
Do I live up to what I set?
Painted a picture in your head
Charisma color hides my insecurities just right
I’ll highlight my idealistic eyes
With a strong moral brow and a golden boy smile

Just flip that charming switch on
Cover up those flaws with showboat sparks
Play it up and come on too strong
So good at trying so damn hard

I mean well
Won’t you tell me I’m doing fine?
I’d stand up for myself if I had a strong spine
That’s me desperately seeking compliments for confidence
Breathe in the attention and let out a sigh

Let go
There’s no such thing as who I’m supposed to be
I’ll keep practicing acting like I don’t care what you think of me

I’ll be alright if you just keep singing my praises in your sleep
Track Name: Stop It Kid, You're Creepin' Me Out
Oh God
What would I say if you lived?
Your breath and blood would compliment the tone of my pale skin
Is it you I hear when I’m talking in my sleep?
He’s still smiling, mama
Please don’t weep

It was such a silly little dream I had
They gave us nametags and our stripes were different shades of green
It was a little awkward that they thought you were the one who sang
Instead of on the baseball team
Well I woke up and I swear I saw you outside my window

I’m famous every time I look in the mirror, baby doll

She caught me staring at myself in the side view glass
I raised an eyebrow like I shared a secret with my past
On the drive back from my hometown
I had an itch in my side from where we first split down
She said, “Do you always talk to yourself in the second person?”

Hey, hey
There was almost two of me
I bet he would’ve had a different hairstyle
But the face could’ve fooled you any day of the week
Track Name: Children
I turned my mouth down
So you could take me serious
I ain’t no fun now
My face is stale like bread
These words became sounds
Destructive and imperious
Wiping out small towns
And you’ll hear them all again

How do I stop?
How do I turn my lights off?

I’ll run like hell soon
My shadow will chase me away
New jobs and bedrooms
And I’ll find something about them to hate
This ain’t no mystery
The answer’s stamped on the back of my brain
But someone will kiss me
And I’ll cover it up with masking tape

I’ll say it for ya
Break all their kneecaps and close all your shirt-snaps
And for ya
I’ll say it for ya
Cry when the streets flood and laugh at your blood
Track Name: Hell Broke Loose
I was too busy being hard on myself in the easy ways
You were too pretty to look me in the face
Catch your eye with a song and a dance and it’s obvious
Do me a favor let your blood rush so your cheeks blush
Keep your little heart in a box with a lock maybe my key fits
Give it one more shot on you before it shatters into bits
But I got a pocket full of changes and wisdom and scars by now
Oh the shame I'm still the same somehow

There went my ears
Chasing after what they wanna hear
There goes my head
Filling up with gold-painted lead

Surprise, surprise
Can't even look in your eyes when I say "I love you" too soon
But I saw it in a movie and the screen lit up the room
And I know, I know I got a spring in my step when I walk alone
And my toes all move in sync when my brain don't think
Maybe that's the trick

Act like your jaded kiss won't clash with me and my Capra ideals
I'm setting sparks off with a match give you a little somethin’ to feel
I cannot let things take their course stutter out some words I wrote down
I'm setting sparks off with a torch burn you and me to the ground
There's fear and shaking underneath what everybody thinks that they want
So I'm setting sparks off with my teeth
Love's just a call and response